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If you want to live dangerously, work in a nursing home

If you want to live dangerously, work in a nursing home


When you buy a pack of cigarettes in this country, you also get an admonition from the Surgeon General. Why? To point out how dangerous going near tobacco products can be.

Government dismisses whistleblower claims made by former Assisted Living Concepts CEO Laurie Bebo


The Department of Labor has dismissed a whistleblower lawsuit filed by Laurie Bebo against the company she used to lead, Assisted Living Concepts, according to ALC's recently filed quarterly results.

Providers worry that Obama's jobs plan will hinder healthcare job growth

Provider groups are concerned that President Obama's newly unveiled $447 billion jobs plan will eat away at job growth in the healthcare sector, which is one place advocates say the economy is growing.

Lift ban amended for youngest workers

Employees who are 16 or 17 years old are once again allowed to operate and assist with lifts used to move patients in healthcare facilities as long as they are properly trained, according to the Department of Labor.

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