It is what it is until it isn't

It is what it is until it isn't

I first heard, "it is what it is" from a tough-as-nails corporate nurse in a meeting held some 13 years ago. The reality was that we did not have a lot of room to negotiate the terms of whatever bitter pill we, the front line soldiers in the nursing facility, were being forced to swallow.

Close to 1,000 nursing home investigation complaints in LA open for more than 2 years, audit finds


A lack of oversight into nursing home investigations in Los Angeles County has caused a backlog of thousands of complaints, including 945 complaints that have been open for more than two years, according to an audit from the Los Angeles County Auditor-Controller.

Charges against nursing home administrators go unanswered, report says

Complaints against nursing home administrators in Indiana are less likely to reach the Indiana State Board of Health Facility Administrators—that state's nursing home regulatory body—than in other states, a local news report asserted.