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Constant Care Technology, LLC CareConnection™

Category: Mobile Electronic Charting

This is what you’ve been waiting for – wireless, immediate delivery of vital signs and weight from bedside to the EHR. Prevent readmissions. Eliminate documentation errors. Save nursing time. Improve care, measurement accuracy and accountability. Readmission prevention begins with intervention. SMART*Reports predictive analytics identifies and alerts your DON to those subtle changes in condition which indicate potential sepsis, pneumonia and other impending health crises. Your team is prompted to intervene, preventing hospital readmissions. Improve care plus keep your revenue stream intact! CareConnection’s Vitals CareCart features a mobile kiosk which leverages technology to put access to web-based programs at bedside. Document ADLs and input nursing notes in room!

433 Shreveport Highway
Pineville, LA 71360
Tel: (855) 695-4525 or (912) 660-1253 (cell)


Key Staff

Tina Beskie
VP of Business Development and Marketing:


Updated cart with new features released

Constant Care Technology has released its redesigned CareConnection® Vitals CareCart 2017 with optional temporal scanning thermometer and keyboard/tray.

EHR partnership announced for connectivity

Constant Care Technology has announced the integration of its CareConnection® connectivity platform with NTT DATA's NetSolutions electronic health record system for long-term care providers.