The Centers For Medicare & Medicaid Services

Adjust readmission penalties to protect providers serving dual eligibles, lawmakers urge CMS


The calculation method for Medicare readmissions penalties should be risk-adjusted so that providers do not lose money for serving the sickest, poorest seniors, a bipartisan group of Congressional lawmakers said in a recent letter to regulators. Long-term care providers are carefully monitoring how hospital readmissions penalties are calculated, because nursing home reimbursements will be tied to readmissions starting in 2018.

Nursing home resident advocates applaud CMS antipsychotic initiative


Nursing home resident advocates applauded federal action on the issue of using antipsychotics to treat elderly nursing home residents with dementia.

Hospitals making little headway in preventing readmissions, report finds

Hospitals have made little progress in decreasing the volume of readmissions of individuals treated for acute and chronic illnesses according to a new report.

Regulators expected to rescind physician signature requirement for lab requisition forms

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has indicated that it might rescind a rule that requires physician signatures on requisitions for all clinical laboratory tests paid for by Medicare, as part of the 2011 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule. Long-term care providers had worried this rule would delay important lab tests for residents since physician visits to skilled nursing facilities can be infrequent.