Nursing home goes for world bingo record

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Southwind Nursing and Rehabilitation
Southwind Nursing and Rehabilitation

A Louisiana nursing home attempted to break the world record for longest continuous game of bingo last week, as a way to celebrate the Summer Solstice.

Residents from six Elder Outreach communities gathered last week at one of the company's homes, Southwind Healthcare and Rehabilitation, looking to put together a game for the ages.

All told, the core group of six players — with other residents rotating in and out throughout the day — kept things going for 24 hours straight. Officials from the home, which is in Crowley, LA, said Tuesday that they are still awaiting confirmation from Guinness of whether they're record breakers (it should come within 12 weeks), but feel confident that they sealed the deal.

“That group committed themselves and never wavered in their mission,” Michele Veillon, marketing and design director for Elder Outreach, said in a press release. “They were completely dedicated and professional, and pushed through until the end.”

The occasion was held in conjunction with the Alzheimer's Association to mark the year's “Longest Day,” honoring the passion and endurance of those living with the disease. Along with raising a few eyebrows, the event also was able to raise more than $13,000 from ticket sales, sponsorships and donations to benefit the association.


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