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Gary Tetz

New Year, new choice

People have wondered if I was awake to welcome the New Year. I think it’s another way to find out if I’m old, like one of those trick long-term care job interview questions that would be illegal if you asked it directly. In fact, plenty of important questions need answers.

Jacqueline Vance, RN

We all need to breathe

Recently, I was at an event where the Pledge of Allegiance was said and started to really concentrate on the words. I asked myself: Are we really one nation, with liberty and justice for all? Why is it so important we ask ourselves this? Because our facilities really are the most diverse workplaces I know.

Eleanor Feldman Barbera, Ph.D.

Is your workplace healthy?

I’m a big advocate of taking small steps in the direction of change. Perhaps your organization isn’t in the position of being able to upgrade the health insurance package or to install an onsite gymnasium for staff members. But here are some manageable actions along the road to creating a psychologically healthy workplace.

Five factors influence nurse turnover, report suggests

Up to 5% of a facility’s budget can go toward costs associated with nurse turnover. But there are five factors researchers have identified that could contribute to a reduction in turnover and increase both job satisfaction and, by extension, patient care.

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