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Women of Distinction

Amanda Elliot headshot

Meet Amanda Elliot, Rising Star honoree

While in college, Amanda Elliot completed an internship on the Hawaiian islands at a Life Care Services community. Although some might have become hooked on the location, Elliot got attached to the job.

Renee Porter headshot

Meet Renee Porter, Rising Star honoree

The members of the Benedictine Order of Sisters in Atchison, KS, begin their time together at many different ages, but the retired sisters are able to continue living as a community in the Dooley Center, much to the credit of administrator Renee Porter.

Jodi Eyigor headshot

Meet Jodi Eyigor, Rising Star honoree

Jodi Eyigor watched her classmates sign up to work with all different demographics of people while studying social work. None of them wanted to work with the elderly — at least not with the enthusiasm she did. For Eyigor, it was the only interesting option.

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