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Gary Tetz

Cashing in on grief

I know being cynical is bad for me. I’m sure it’s even worse for my health than all the arsenic in my rice. It’s probably killing me slowly and softly, as its tentacles snake into my ever-darkening soul. But these days, contamination seems unavoidable, like I’m living near a leaky nuclear reactor. Which it turns out I actually am.

Providers take trip to the top with LeadingAge PEAK leadership summit

LeadingAge will host its spring annual meeting Sunday through Wednesday in Washington. Typically considered a “Capitol Hill fly-in” during which providers meet with their respective states’ lawmakers to push the LeadingAge agenda, the meeting also will feature keynote speakers, workshops and educational sessions throughout. There also will be an exhibit hall Monday morning. Educator and a co-author of the best-selling “Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard” Dan Heath will deliver the keynote leadership address Monday morning.

Gary Tetz

An insomniac’s dream

Finally, something else to lie awake worrying about. A news story last week cited a study suggesting that sleep quality should improve with age. Great. That’s all I need. More pressure.

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