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Vitamin D Deficiency

Clinical Briefs for Friday, October 25

Vitamin D deficiency linked to poor muscle function in seniors … Immune response to influenza is culprit in poor flu outcomes … ‘Whole concept of senior living will change’ if Alzheimer’s drug is approved … Antidepressants show little clinical benefit for major depressive disorders

Clinical Briefs for Friday, August 9

Lonely seniors may soon have emotionally intelligent AI companion … Low vitamin D tied to non-motor Parkinson’s symptoms … Study illuminates quality of life for seniors with knee osteoarthritis … 24-hour blood pressure measure best predicts cardiovascular disease

Shelly Mesure, MS, OTR/L

The perfect picnic takes planning — please

Happy Independence Day! This is such a pivotal period in everyone’s summer plans, and what a great time for weddings, family reunions and/or the perfect simple picnic. That goes for our frail seniors, too. I know I become happy just thinking about how great it feels to experience the fresh air, sunshine and the smell of nature, and they do too — if things go well.

Non-white residents face skin issues too

While people of color appear less likely to develop skin conditions such as foot ulcers and cancers, they are far from immune, experts insist. A new study provides recommendations for the prevention and early detection of skin cancer in people of color based on a review of available data.

Vitamin D for dummies

It’s not a secret that employees who work in healthcare, whether they are medical journalists or nurses, don’t always earn gold stars when it comes to managing their own health. Witness the nurses clustering in a “butt hut” outside a facility, an administrator taking a cavalier approach to his or her diet, or saleswomen wearing sole-killing heels at a conference.

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