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Clinical briefs for Monday, Feb. 22

Pfizer vaccine’s deep-freeze storage and second shot may be unnecessary … For-profit nursing homes are ‘worst performers’ in COVID infection control analysis … Researchers pinpoint too-low diastolic blood pressure target … First human clinical trial launched with in-brain delivery of gene therapy for Alzheimer’s disease

We’re vaccinated. Now what?

Across the country, long-term care facilities are vaccinating their staff and residents, with approximately 3.1 million doses delivered as of last week and rates of COVID-19 infection in nursing home residents declining for the past four weeks.  This excellent news leads to questions about how the vaccination rollout will impact the daily lives of staff…

Salvation by social media

I always thought it was only good for destroying the world, but now I’m here to boldly predict that social media will ultimately save us.  After the horrors we’ve been through these past few years with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you probably didn’t see that hypothesis coming. But here’s how it’s going to happen: by…

Clinical briefs for Thursday, Jan. 21

Vaccine successes: LTC advocates share effective tools to increase inoculation confidence among staff … More evidence shows Pfizer vaccine protects against UK virus strain … Pennsylvania launches retail pharmacy partnership to speed up long-term care vaccine program … ‘Long-haul’ coronavirus symptoms last months, even after mild case: NIH director

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