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Clinical Briefs for Tuesday, July 7

Fatigue predicts anemia in older adults … Elderly no more compliant with COVID-19 safety measures than other adults … Older women have higher mortality from metabolic syndrome than men: study … WHO expects COVID-19 vaccination trial results in two weeks

Gary Tetz

Flu shot — or not

When it comes to flu shots, let’s just figure out a way to make the whole thing more convenient for those who choose or are coerced to undergo this crucial or useless procedure.

Gov. Paul LePage (R) recently visited the Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston.

State News for September 2014

MAINE – The state’s nursing homes will get their first Medicaid rate increase in six years after a breathtaking display of mid-summer political brinksmanship. But dark days still loom in a state beset with closures and an over-65 population ratio that’s second only to Florida’s.

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