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Triple Aim

Kristy Brown

Creating buy-in for Triple Aim

Before you can implement policies to help achieve the triple aim, you’re going to need the all-important buy-in from staff. First, let’s look at the triple aim itself and how it benefits consumers.

Alan Neil

Triple Aim: Improving the patient healthcare and experience

For patients in a participating ACO, one of the initial improvements for facilities will be the assignment of a care manager to guide and support them through the ACO experience. The care manager may be a Triple Aim committed primary care physician or ACO professional who takes responsibility for coordinating care plans. A key component of the ACO / Triple Aim experience is the demonstration of improved outcomes for each patient and the ACO population as a whole.

Alan Neil

Improving health with triple aim

Physicians and treatment centers receive little for disease prevention and much for heroic efforts to treat problems that are often preventable or at least have lower costs and better outcomes when seen and managed earlier in their development.

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