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Stability sought via budget deal

Providers are likely looking forward to a fiscal 2014 with generally stable funding sources and no repeat of a government shutdown. The Senate was expected to vote on and pass a massive $1.1 trillion government spending bill as early as late this week. The House overwhelming passed it on Wednesday. The bipartisan agreement would keep payment levels to providers stable with those from 2013, which included sequestration cuts across most sectors. At 1,583 pages, the omnibus bill is a compromise for both major political parties. It funds the government through September and also sets overall spending limits for the next two years.

Congress passes budget that would extend Medicare cuts, soften sequestration

A bipartisan budget deal is on the verge of becoming law, after being passed by the U.S. Senate in a 64-36 vote on Wednesday. Long-term care leaders called for passage of the two-year spending plan after it was released last week, saying it will provide needed stability and end the type of political brinkmanship that closed the government in October.

Cheryl Phillips, M.D.

$30 million cut from Medicare

Skilled nursing facilities will see $470 million in aggregate 2014 Medicare reimbursements, which is $30 million less than projected in a proposed rule, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

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