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RAC Auditors

RAC battles move forward

The debate over whether Recovery Audit Contractor audits are an incentive-laced system of provider harassment or a necessary tool to redistribute misspent Medicare funds continues. Neither side appears to be backing down

Medicare payment group changes name

A Medicare payment watchdog group saddled with huge case backlogs and heavily criticized for causing delays in resolving reimbursement issues has changed its name and location on the web.

Tara Roberts

What’s in a name?

The new name of the American Coalition for Healthcare Claims Integrity is the Council for Medicare Integrity. Does that mean they’ll change their focus? Not quite.

Provider groups push for RAC reform

Hospital industry groups said Thursday they’d rather the government reform the Recovery Audit Contractor program than simply throw more money at fixing an onerous backlog of more than 800,000 Medicare appeals cases.

CMS awards Recovery Audit DME contract

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has given a recovery audit contract to Connolly LLC, a subsidiary of Connolly iHealth Technologies, in Region 5. The firm will oversee Medicare claims for Durable Medical Equipment, Home Health and Hospice, in this new, fifth nationwide region.

Tara Roberts

Fuzzy math in RAC audits

If you are like me and have children who are required to contribute to science fairs, then you understand that the method in a science project is as important as the topic .It is difficult to explain to my children this importance when they hear me talk about my industry and agencies that “audit,” and how these agencies freely manipulate or ignore data to derive results they want versus results that are real.

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