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Patient CARE Act is probed

Because it does not allow for states’ consent, the proposed Medicaid Patient CARE Act block-grant program likely will be considered unconstitutional, say two public policy authorities.

Eleanor Feldman Barbera, Ph.D.

In the wake of a nursing home double-homicide: How to meet mental health needs and prevent violence

News of the recent double-homicide in a Houston nursing home arrived the morning I was to speak to a group gathered to address the needs of younger residents in long-term care. It didn’t escape anyone in the audience how serious this topic is. What can organizations do to respond to this terrible news and to reduce the chances that a similar situation could happen in their facilities? Plenty.

Anthony Cirillo

What would Jack Bauer do?

In the now-infamous case of an independent living facility’s policy on CPR, the simple perception is that a woman was dying and needed CPR. Sound and prudent judgment would have been to perform it, or move out of the way and get someone else to do it.

Election Day: Moment at hand for the future of healthcare funding and coverage

After more than a year on the campaign trail, it all comes down to Tuesday. Elections across the country, topped by the battle for the presidency, will take place. The results could set in motion the framework for new regulatory and reimbursement processes for long-term care and other providers. Or they could further reforms already begun. Dozens of key U.S. congressional races also will be of interest to providers. Beyond the typical local implications, elected members of Congress will be able to dictate the direction of any national agenda for healthcare and funding reform.

Compliance Store makes changes that aid site navigation

Compliance Store makes changes that aid site navigation

The Compliance Store recently revamped its website. Improvements include easier navigation, tab restructuring, site videos, and additional customer-friendly features. Compliance Store staff research more than 60 regulatory/government websites each day in order to compile regulatory and policy updates.

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