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New pharmacy player has big plans

The parent company of Golden Living officially launched AlixaRx with predictions it could become a $250 million per year business within 18 months.

Omnicare drops bid for PharMerica

Omnicare has officially ended its attempt to absorb PharMerica Corp. The reversal comes less than a month after federal regulators attempted to block the deal. Officials said the merger would have created an institutional pharmacy company that reaches nearly 60% of the nation’s nursing home beds. PharMerica has repeatedly tried to prevent the takeover since it was announced last year. PharMerica countered that the offer was insufficient and was unlikely to survive antitrust scrutiny.

Omnicare CEO John Figueroa

Rebuffed by PharMerica top brass, Omnicare appeals to board members in purchase attempt

Omnicare’s top management decided private negotiations with their counterparts at takeover target PharMerica were not working. So on Tuesday, Omnicare went public with an announced $15 per share bid for the company. The proposed deal would involve the No. 1 institutional pharmacy provider purchasing the No. 2 for $715 million, according to an Omnicare announcement.

Omnicare goes public with bid to buy rival PharMerica for $716 million

Omnicare, the biggest institutional pharmacy provider in the long-term care sector, publicly announced a $715 million bid for top rival PharMerica on Tuesday. Dissatisfied with the outcome of behind-doors talks over the past four months, Omnicare leaders decided to take their case directly to PharMerica board members.

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