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Osteoarthritis Of The Knee

Clinical briefs for Thursday, Feb. 18

No need for high-intensity strength training in knee osteoarthritis, study finds … Seniors see long-term sleep improvement with exercise intervention … Feds say J&J low on coronavirus vaccine doses as likely U.S. launch nears … Britain first to okay exposing volunteers to coronavirus for study … Coronavirus variant found in California may signal ‘new phase’ of pandemic

Clinical Briefs for Thursday, August 6

Proposed 9% cuts to therapy ‘potentially devastating’ … Medicare Part D favors generic drugs, say investigators … Novavax finds promising results in coronavirus vaccine trials … Bisphosphonates may reduce knee osteoarthritis … Heart disease meds underused among Hispanic/Latino populations with peripheral artery disease

Clinical Briefs for Friday, August 9

Lonely seniors may soon have emotionally intelligent AI companion … Low vitamin D tied to non-motor Parkinson’s symptoms … Study illuminates quality of life for seniors with knee osteoarthritis … 24-hour blood pressure measure best predicts cardiovascular disease

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