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Clinical Briefs for Friday, January 10

Metabolic syndrome associated with blood clot recurrence … Rural patients more likely to remain longer in post-acute care … Nurses — again — ranked as the most ethical, honest … Discovery: Drug-like compounds that may protect brain cells in Alzheimer’s

Clinical Briefs for Monday, November 18

Common cognitive disorder often misdiagnosed as dementia … Belly fat finding may lead way to age-related metabolic disease prevention … Older adults have less diabetes distress, better blood sugar control … Nurse staffing shortage expected to get worse

Ma: Long-term night shift workers need regular screenings.

Female nurses on night shift develop higher cancer risks

Working the night shift isn’t just bad for sleep — it could be seriously bad for your health. A study published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention found that working during the wee hours over the long term was associated with a 19% greater risk of cancer among women. Researchers also took a close look…

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