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Night Shift

Clinical briefs for Monday, Oct. 26

Researchers identify why night shift work causes internal clock confusion … Shortages of staple drugs grow … ‘Not just a nursing home issue’: COVID a challenge in affordable senior housing: LeadingAge survey … AstraZeneca, J&J resume U.S. vaccine trials

Night work is already linked to higher diabetes and cancer rates.

Study uncovers deep effects of night shift work on body

Working a few night shifts is enough to change gene expression and dampen the body’s ability to fight off attacks, a new Canadian study reveals. Researchers at McGill University simulated a night shift in which eight healthy people faced a 10-hour delay of their typical sleep time over four days. RNA extracted from blood samples…

Night shift may hike Type 2 diabetes risk

Night-shift work is linked to an increased risk for Type 2 diabetes, according to a study published in Diabetes Care. British and American researchers compared diabetes prevalence among 47,000 night-shift workers against that of 225,000 day workers. They used the UK Biobank, which includes information on diabetes diagnoses, age, sex, race, family history of diabetes,…

Night shift work is tied to breast cancer

A new study identifies a link between night shift work and risk of breast cancer, according to Canadian researchers. In an investigation of 1,100 women with breast cancer and more than 1,100 without it, Queen’s Cancer Research Institute researchers found that those who had worked for more than 30 years on a night shift had a higher rate of breast cancer.

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