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Tara Roberts

Is the failed therapy cap repeal for the best?

The recent battle over the SGR passage with the Cardin Amendment brought forth glaring differences in outpatient therapy providers and their priorities. While I, along with the entire therapy world, dream of the day that the arbitrary therapy caps are repealed, the SGR “doc fix” bill simply was not the right time.

Tara Roberts

Fuzzy math in RAC audits

If you are like me and have children who are required to contribute to science fairs, then you understand that the method in a science project is as important as the topic .It is difficult to explain to my children this importance when they hear me talk about my industry and agencies that “audit,” and how these agencies freely manipulate or ignore data to derive results they want versus results that are real.

Tara Roberts

Preparing your back yard

SNF providers are scrambling to prepare to be “bought” by ACOs, aligned with potential bundling partners, selected as a preferred provider, and ultimately “sold” to the best, not highest, bidder.

Tara Roberts

Starting with the 3 Cs of wound care

While research for the Holy Grail in skin and wound care “best practices” continues, I propose we start with what we “do know” as it relates to the clinicians who are providing the skin and wound care-regardless of research, product, wound type, assessment or resident population mix.

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