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AFrame Digital receives tech grant

The National Institute on Aging has awarded a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant to AFrame Digital, the company announced. The more than $1 million grant will support a two-year study to evaluate the use of novel mobile technologies to improve remote health and wellness monitoring of seniors. In all, 90 adults, aged 65 years and older (including 60 with congestive heart failure) will be monitored for six months each. Investigators will focus on the usability of the system by and for seniors, and its ability to easily monitor health status in order to reduce the likelihood of unplanned medical events.

More seniors are living past age 90, report states

The number of Americans over the age of 90 has tripled in thirty years, reaching 1.9 million in 2010, according to a new report. That means long-term care facilities are increasingly seeing older, sicker residents.

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