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John O'Connor, Editorial Director

A new way to save face

When is face-to-face contact with a resident not such a good idea? When an avatar can do better. That’s just one lesson researchers like Timothy Bickmore, Ph.D., are proving. Bickmore is an assistant professor in the College of Computer and Information Science at Northeastern University.

Team TSI partners with AIS

Team TSI and AIS recently announced a partnership that will result in greater product organization between the two firms. Both firms create web-based software for long-term care operators. Under the partnership, the AIS product will work directly with Team TSI’s MDS Analyzer.

PointClickCare buys Accu-Med

PointClickCare has completed its acquisition of Accu-Med Services. Accu‐Med delivers integrated financial and clinical software solutions for long-term care providers.

Maria Arellano, MS, RN

Will the MDS ever go away?

As the industry moves from fee-for-service to the episodic world of care, much emphasis has been placed on understanding how payment systems work over the past couple of decades. This view evaluates outcomes at the close of an episode, before the checks get cut.

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