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James Berklan

McKnight’s Tech Awards here again to honor you

Hidden gems are often the best kind. They surprise us and keep us hopeful and optimistic for the future. This is how I feel about McKnight’s Technology Awards, the third annual version of which is being sponsored by Tena and started accepting entries this month.

Gary Tetz

Of tired mice and men

Just so you know, I’ve been pulling two, 12-hour shifts of living per day for the past 53 years, and I’m exhausted. I work when I sleep and I sleep when I work, which means I don’t do either one very well. I’ve even talked to my supervisor about this, to no avail. He’s an unreasonable ogre named Gary Tetz, and all he cares about is himself.

Jeffrey M. Levine, M.D.

Newest wound care insights

Wound care continues to be a growing challenge in the long-term care sector. But many facilities are not doing enough to ensure success, according to Jeffrey M. Levine, M.D., a wound care and geriatrics specialist affiliated with Mount Sinai Beth Israel (formerly Beth Israel Medical Center) in New York.

James M. Berklan, McKnight's Editor

Table talk: You have to listen to the right people

When we at McKnight’s host a special roundtable discussion, I look forward to getting to know the esteemed participants. Captains of the profession, they typically have evolved from nurses, business managers and doctors into C-suite inhabitants — extremely observant top executives, in fact.

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