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McKnight’s 40 for 40

McKnight’s 40 for 40: Lynne Katzmann, Ph.D

Juniper Communities’ founder, President and CEO Lynn Katzmann, Ph.D., shared a wild-sounding idea with attendees at the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing and Care Fall Conference in 2015: Why not take a group of older adults to the Burning Man cultural festival to write a new story of aging in America?

McKnight’s 40 for 40: Robert G. Kramer

When people discuss how freely capital now flows in this sector, demographics and a strong economy usually get the credit. Often overlooked is the man perhaps most responsible for opening the spigot: Robert G. Kramer.

McKnight’s 40 for 40: Paul Klaassen

Who’s the single person perhaps most responsible for a large-scale exodus of residents from nursing homes to senior living communities in recent decades? Former Sunrise Senior Living Chairman and CEO Paul Klaassen.

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