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The silent screams

I have a hunch we have all heard the saying, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” My guess is we may have even used it a time or two to deal with those who might complain more than others. Make sense? You with me? As we start to find our way through the pandemic, I’m…

Forgiveness in leadership

Third time is a charm. For 2021, I’ve taken on a new challenge for my “Living Leadership” blog. Each month there are words embedded in my blog that come directly from one of our nation’s top thought leaders.  Here’s the first round, In case you missed that installment. Selfishly, I am having a blast reading…

Build ‘adaptive response profiles’ to face future crises

Managing any organization on a day-to-day basis can present an array of challenges, and those challenges magnify in the face of a crisis, especially in a long-term care setting. A leader’s effectiveness in the face of a crisis is largely dependent on the facility’s strengths in four key resources: the organization’s architecture, operational processes, its…

What do emotions have to do with leadership?

Understanding your emotions has everything to do with leadership. As we grow as leaders, we begin to have a true understanding of our emotions — not only understanding them in the moment but understanding where they come from. This is super hard work, but so worthwhile, and can be the key to unlocking your leadership potential.

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