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Judith Stein

Judith A. Stein, founder of the Center for Medicare Advocacy

‘Improvement standard’ lives on, Medicare refuses to cover Jimmo herself

Medicare officials continue to cite an “improvement standard” as a reason for withholding benefits from Glenda Jimmo, whose 2012 legal victory was supposed to end this type of denial, Kaiser Health News reported Monday. The situation shows why both beneficiaries and providers are confused about current policy, and why some nursing homes continue to expect business-as-usual, an expert told McKnight’s.

Jimmo implementation is troubled, long-term care expert says

Skilled nursing providers remain confused about Medicare changes related to the Jimmo v. Sebelius legal settlement, and many beneficiaries are not aware that their therapy might now be eligible for coverage, according to prominent long-term care expert Judith Stein. Stein is an attorney and director of the Center for Medicare Advocacy, which along with Vermont Legal Aid filed the Jimmo case.

Judith A. Stein, founder of the Center for Medicare Advocacy

Profile: On the side of seniors

For those who work with Medicare beneficiaries, Judith Stein is a well-known powerhouse. Since founding the Center for Medicare Advocacy in 1986, she’s led numerous major cases involving Medicare denials.

Judith Stein

“Improve”-ing Medicare

Under a proposed settlement, a nationwide class of beneficiaries will be certified, numerous parts of the Medicare Benefit Policy Manual will be rewritten, and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will carry out an educational campaign for providers, Medicare contractors and adjudicators.

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