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Family’s in-room camera leads to elder abuse charges against two nursing home aides … Pennsylvania aide, nursing student pleads in nursing home abuse case, drops plan to sue facility and college … Latest review: Security gaps in Medicare Administrative Contractor IT systems up 8 percent

Medicaid IT systems need quality check: GAO

A new report to Congress casts significant doubts on the integrity and effectiveness of information systems many state Medicaid programs use to process claims, and CMS has agreed with it its recommendation that they verify those systems when applying for Medicaid funds.

William C. Fisher

CFOs’ 2014 challenge

Your goals as a CFO remain constant: Support the mission. Increase revenue. Consolidate across multiple entities. Budget. Implement internal controls. Facilitate audits and compliance reporting. CFOs want to optimize the organization’s returns by carefully managing all the finances.

Tech-savvy nursing homes gain edge, study finds

Health information technology helps nursing homes coordinate care and protect resident privacy, according to a leading researcher on the issue. Nursing homes without technology may rely on more creative ways to communicate that create privacy problems, such as posting photos or written notices, he says.

Scott Mingee

Long-term care and IT: Getting ready for the boom

It’s no secret that as baby boomers age and come to depend on coordinated long-term care, providers will be challenged to adapt quickly to meet the needs of a growing population. How does an organization begin to prepare for this anticipated boom? Start with the foundation.

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