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Also in the News for Friday, May 28

GOP’s infrastructure alternative would eliminate long-term care component that focuses on workforce … Some Florida nursing homes limit visits, halt admissions due to hiring challenges … CVS sweepstakes offer prizes to staff, residents, others vaccinated through company’s LTC program … Another monoclonal antibody treatment approved for high-risk patients … Broad Democratic coalition pushes for Biden to expand Medicare, including for all Americans 60-plus

A telehealth novice no more

This week, I had the pleasure of meeting a new doctor who’ll be helping one of my kids navigate a chronic condition. I sat in my office, not hers, on a comfy chair I dragged in from the kitchen. My daughter snuggled up next to me on a matching seat and got right to work…

Scott Mingee

Long-term care and IT: Getting ready for the boom

It’s no secret that as baby boomers age and come to depend on coordinated long-term care, providers will be challenged to adapt quickly to meet the needs of a growing population. How does an organization begin to prepare for this anticipated boom? Start with the foundation.

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