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Winscribe Text v7.0 released

Winscribe Text v7.0 released

Winscribe has debuted the Winscribe Text v7.0, a medical documentation platform meant to help automate document-driven processes.

Also in the news for Oct. 16, 2014 . . .

HIPAA authorization forms do not have be signed voluntarily to be valid, judge rules … Aluminum exposure ‘inevitably’ contributes to Alzheimer’s, researcher says … Judge holds assisted living owners in contempt for retaliating against workers

Also in the News for Sept. 23, 2014

Trial begins in $1 billion-plus nursing home case tied to Illinois candidate for governor … Long shifts for nurses correlate to decline in quality, European study finds … Legally married same-sex couples are family members under HIPAA, according to HHS guidance.

Also in the news for September 16, 2014 . . .

Falls may cause post-traumatic stress in seniors, study finds … Government issues new model notices of HIPAA privacy practices for providers to use … Switch to ICD-10 could make it difficult to track patient safety trends

Gov. Paul LePage (R) recently visited the Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston.

State News for September 2014

MAINE – The state’s nursing homes will get their first Medicaid rate increase in six years after a breathtaking display of mid-summer political brinksmanship. But dark days still loom in a state beset with closures and an over-65 population ratio that’s second only to Florida’s.

David Wortman

HIPAA compliance a part of clinical communication

In long term and post-acute care facilities, where those with a “need to know” protected health information can include everyone from nursing and social services, to chaplains, cooks, transportation drivers, aides, admissions and marketing staff, administrators, even activities staf

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