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Heart Patients

Clinical briefs for Friday, Oct. 9

Catheter ablation in afib linked to reduced dementia risk … Arm-squeezing therapy after stroke may improve brain recovery … Coronavirus antibodies last at least three months after infection, study suggests … Lilly’s rheumatoid arthritis drug cuts COVID-19 deaths in trial, data shows

Clinical Briefs for Wednesday, June 10

Tai chi may help lift depression in older adults with heart disease …  Heart scan plus physical activity predicts mortality risk in seniors, study finds … Alzheimer research: Noise-inducing neurons shut down memories … American Cancer Society updates diet and physical activity guidelines

Clinical Briefs for Thursday, May 21

Monitoring, maintaining heart health may protect against cognitive decline … Most critically ill New York COVID-19 patients older men with comorbidities: study … Higher dietary fiber improves life expectancy in diabetes … COVID-19 vaccines offer immunity in animal study

Clinical Briefs for Tuesday, March 31

When might experimental drugs to treat Covid-19 be ready? A forecast … COVID-19 linked to cardiac injury, poor outcomes for patients with heart conditions … FDA expedites review of COVID-19 diagnostic tests … Company receives FDA emergency approval to decontaminate used face masks

Clinical Briefs for Wednesday, February 26

A weak heart can affect the brain and contribute to cognitive decline … Annual breast cancer screening not beneficial for women over age 75 … Adults don’t need tetanus, diphtheria boosters if fully vaccinated as children, study claims … Wearable sensor predicts worsening heart failure days before hospitalization

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