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Heart Failure

Clinical briefs for Wednesday, May 19

Heart patients gain significant benefits from taking stairs…Investigational drug may help patients with diabetes, heart failure… Patients undergoing dialysis maintained SARS-CoV-2 antibody levels six months after infection… Researchers identify proteins that may predict dementia risk… Dementia and blood pressure link different for men and women

Refocus on capturing PDPM drivers to improve care, quality and reimbursement

With the prioritization of COVID-19 vaccinations in nursing facilities since late December, facilities nationwide have seen  a significant decline in both new cases and deaths among resident populations. Though the decline of COVID-19 cases is very encouraging, many skilled nursing facilities are now facing widespread  systemic issues that the pandemic exposed. Ongoing and dynamic infection…

Sleep like your life depends on it

One thing I’ve learned in my mostly unsuccessful lifelong quest to get enough sleep is that nothing helps more than feeling under pressure to do so. So learning in McKnight’s that extra sleep reduced healthcare workers’ risk of getting COVID-19 was just the incentive I needed.  Actually, not.  Medical research over the past decade or…

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