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Heart Attack

Also in the News for Friday, Jan. 26

Patients six times more likely to have heart attack within week of flu diagnosis … Two Minnesota health officials under investigation after backlog of elder abuse complaints … Caregiving at home and at work hurts women who staff nursing homes

FDA approves heart attack drug

The Food and Drug Administration approved Zontivity (vorapaxar) tablets last week. The medication is meant to reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, cardiovascular death or a need to operate to restore blood flow for patients with a previous heart attack or blockages in the arteries.

C diff vaccine moves closer to reality with launch of large Phase III trial

Flu shot cuts stroke risk 24%

People who are vaccinated against the flu are 24% less likely to suffer a stroke during that flu season, say British researchers who analyzed records of nearly 50,000 patients.

AGS reverses aspirin vote

AGS reverses aspirin vote

Elderly people with type 2 diabetes should not take aspirin to prevent cardiovascular disease, according to draft guidelines from the American Geriatrics Society. This reverses its previous recommendation.

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