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Healthcare-Associated Infections

Joe Crowley

Using new technology to combat HAIs

Even when you do everything right, setbacks still regularly occur. One of the most prevalent and needless obstacles is failing to protect residents from healthcare-associated illnesses.

New UV system reduces HAIs

New UV system reduces HAIs

A new combined lighting and air purification system may be able to heavily reduce healthcare-acquired infections in nursing homes and hospitals.

Elizabeth Newman

Budgeting for hand hygiene

One of my former colleagues, who had moved to the healthcare sector from television, shared with me the story of how she began her new job and was told, “Oh, yeah, you can figure out the budget, right?” Administrators with limited budgeting experience might hesitate to make big investments, but when it comes to hand hygiene, spending a little more today could lead to big savings down the line.

Preventing HAIs in long-term care

Preventing the spread of MRSA, CRE and other hospital-acquired infections(HAI’s) is quickly becoming a top priority in skilled nursing and long-term care facilities. Yet we often overlook disinfecting procedures on our vital signs monitoring equipment.

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