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Hand Hygiene

Lining up for the great hand-hygiene escape

When’s the last time your employees lined up during lunch breaks for voluntary training? Proving again that healthcare workers are among the world’s most resourceful, a team from the Central Texas Veterans Health Care System came up with an entertaining educational concept that drew crowds from its inception — and accolades this week at the…

Handmade trouble

Handmade trouble

From double-gloving to long nails, myths and misperceptions persist when it comes to hand hygiene and washing critical touchpoints for resident care

Elizabeth Newman

Budgeting for hand hygiene

One of my former colleagues, who had moved to the healthcare sector from television, shared with me the story of how she began her new job and was told, “Oh, yeah, you can figure out the budget, right?” Administrators with limited budgeting experience might hesitate to make big investments, but when it comes to hand hygiene, spending a little more today could lead to big savings down the line.

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