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Generic Drugs

Clinical Briefs for Thursday, August 6

Proposed 9% cuts to therapy ‘potentially devastating’ … Medicare Part D favors generic drugs, say investigators … Novavax finds promising results in coronavirus vaccine trials … Bisphosphonates may reduce knee osteoarthritis … Heart disease meds underused among Hispanic/Latino populations with peripheral artery disease

Clinical Briefs for Friday, December 6

Opinion: FDA’s lax generic drug oversight puts seniors at risk … Study supports non-drug treatment for early diabetes symptoms … Bipartisan bill would create Office of Alzheimer’s Disease in Florida … Negative temperament in men predicts more couch time

Seroquel generics okay, appeals court says

AstraZeneca is not entitled to more exclusivity with its antischizophrenic medication, an appeals court agreed last week. The company had claimed its drug, Seroquel, deserved another three-year extension under the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act.

Drug shortage may last for a while

More than 100 medicines now appear on the government’s drug shortage list. Those most often in short supply include anesthetics and oncological drugs, according to the Food & Drug Administration. Experts cite several reasons for the ongoing dearth of needed medicines.

CMS updates survey guidelines for antipsychotic drugs in dementia care

Report: Medicaid overspent on brand-name drugs

State Medicaid programs spent $329 million more than necessary by allowing certain prescriptions for brand-name drugs to be filled instead of generics in 2009, a conservative think tank said this week.

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