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Good Samaritan Society

Where are they now: Good Samaritan Society

After winning a Bronze quality award in 2012 from the McKnight’s Technology Awards, the Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society in South Dakota has designed a new technology platform and found a green way to boost quality.

Gary Tetz

Zen gardening for LTC

Here’s my naïve and rather radical gardening philosophy — it should be an act of joy, not stress or fear. But another striving human I know, along with a few people I’ve met in long-term care, seems to have a hard time embracing that viewpoint.

Gary Tetz

Dirty hands needed

Gardening is magic. Gardening is mindfulness. Gardening is therapist, physician and personal trainer without spandex or a copay. And now researchers have confirmed that gardening can help nursing home patients suffering with dementia.

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