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Clinical Briefs for Thursday, July 25

High rate of pressure ulcers, infections in residents discharged to SNFs from hospitals … Aggressive blood sugar lowering doesn’t benefit stroke patients … Senate bill would reduce drug costs for seniors … Electronic medical records review detects early frailty signs

Clinical Briefs for Monday, June 24

Hospital insects carry drug-resistant bacteria … Chemo tied to long-term survivorship in high-risk acute myeloid leukemia … National Institute on Aging report: integrate frailty into aging research … Unhealthy gums linked to liver cancer risk

Higher acuity residents drove skilled nursing home bed prices to record levels in 2013, report finds

Nursing home residents face higher surgical risks, study finds

Elderly nursing home residents experience more surgical complications than other elders their age, a new study finds. The primary reasons are facility residents typically have other advanced medical problems and may often be too frail for many ordered procedures, researchers said.

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