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Food & Drug Administration

Drug shortage may last for a while

More than 100 medicines now appear on the government’s drug shortage list. Those most often in short supply include anesthetics and oncological drugs, according to the Food & Drug Administration. Experts cite several reasons for the ongoing dearth of needed medicines.

Medical device tax could affect long-term care supplies

A medical device excise tax scheduled to hit Jan. 1 is causing uncertainty among manufacturers and providers, a healthcare expert recently noted. The 2.3% tax will affect sales of Food & Drug Administration-approved devices that are used by a physician or in a physician’s office.

John O'Connor, editorial director, McKnight's Long-Term Care News

The disease that keeps on taking

There is no way to tally the full cost of Alzheimer’s disease, a life robbing condition that now claims more than 5 million victims nationwide. But what can be put on a ledger sheet is sobering. Alzheimer’s disease is now responsible for a quarter of all claims for nursing home services.

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