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Mark Fish

The end of fee for service

The seeds that have flowered into the burgeoning of ACOs – groups of providers accepting the responsibility, and risk, for caring for the health of a designated patient population according to defined quality benchmarks (CMS measures quality of care using 33 measures in four key domains) – was planted long ago, in the baby boom.

Panel slams fee for service

The predominance of fee-for-service payment methods is the greatest barrier to improving efficiency in the nation’s healthcare system, according to a May 29 report from a panel of White House advisors. The President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology criticized the FFS payment model because it focuses on the volume of services provided rather than on better outcomes.

Anne Tumlinson

Keeping score in 2014

If new payment reform initiatives sowed the seeds of small disruptions in 2013 — narrowing referral networks and prompting clinical integration, those seeds will start sprouting bigger disruption across multiple markets in 2014. This year ACOs will proliferate and will include SNFs in a real way. Bundled payment experiments will be beginning all over the country.

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