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Ross Skadsberg

Infection prevention: A hard line of defense

You can’t always keep the flu and other viruses out of your community, but you can take steps to help reduce their transmission. And precautions against flu and norovirus are believed to be effective against other similar viruses, including enterovirus, poliovirus and rhinovirus.

Ross Skadsberg

Creating good first impressions

Who doesn’t like fresh clean linens and towels? And who isn’t put off by stains, odors or other indications that they are not? That’s how we all react at home, and it’s a critical issue when folks are selecting a long-term care community which will become their new home.

Leah Larson

High expectations for safe dining

Senior living communities should work with business partners and vendors to ensure they are not only offering quality dining options with a variety of food choices, but also providing clean, safe and comfortable dining experiences for their residents, families and staff.

Leah Larson

Cleanliness is linked to care

With an estimated 70% of people who reach age 65 needing some form of long-term care service, senior living communities will find it increasingly important to learn about and develop solutions for the unique cleaning and sanitizing challenges, starting with residents’ rooms.

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