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Drug Companies

Clinical Briefs for Monday, February 3

Drug class provides cardiovascular protection for all with type 2 diabetes … Timing of first flu virus exposure sets immunity for life … Resetting our internal clocks might help control diabetes … ‘Weak’ evidence used to market medical marijuana: researcher

Clinical Briefs for Wednesday, October 23

Surprise move: Biogen presses ahead on failed Alzheimer’s drug … Robot ‘colleague’ in pilot test for dementia patients at two nursing homes … Breaking thought patterns raises chance of depression recovery … FDA, FTC warn company that claims to treat Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s with cannabinoids

Gary Tetz

Cashing in on grief

I know being cynical is bad for me. I’m sure it’s even worse for my health than all the arsenic in my rice. It’s probably killing me slowly and softly, as its tentacles snake into my ever-darkening soul. But these days, contamination seems unavoidable, like I’m living near a leaky nuclear reactor. Which it turns out I actually am.

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