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Julie Stevens, Director of Sales and Marketing at Central Baptist Village

Dining and dementia: CBV’s Silver Spoon Club puts on the pounds, cultivates connections.

The Silver Spoon Dining Club — an innovative approach to address weight loss issues for residents with late-stage dementia — is not only realizing its goals of improving resident weight loss and reducing nutritional supplement intake. More importantly, it’s also bringing socialization and a bounty of “feel good” benefits to residents, non-nursing volunteers and staff at Central Baptist Village.

How to do it: Memory care dining program

Memory care often calls for unique and innovative approaches in every facet of dementia residents’ facility experience, and dining is no exception. Experts offer valuable tips on how to minimize stress and promote a safe, pleasant and healthful dining experience.

Elizabeth Newman

Magic wafers may keep residents healthy

Most people have some quirky food issue, whether it’s gagging at the smell of fish or a hatred of condiments. I’ll confess mine: I detest raw apples. Apple cider, applesauce, apple pie — they’re all OK. But start slicing a regular apple in front of me or bite into one, and it’s all I can do to not run out of the room. It’s a texture issue, perhaps stemming from years in braces where I felt like I looked like Hannibal Lecter and developed a high level of nerve sensitivity in my teeth.

Elizabeth Newman

The secret to success sits in dining services

By the end of the day Tuesday, after a week full of educational sessions, it took a lot to break through the clutter in my brain. That moment happened when Kyle Henderson made a slightly throw-away comment about some providers “investing in chefs, paying them $70-, $80-, $90,000. That’s where we are seeing innovation in programming, because dining gives them a chance to impress three times a day.”

Leah Larson

High expectations for safe dining

Senior living communities should work with business partners and vendors to ensure they are not only offering quality dining options with a variety of food choices, but also providing clean, safe and comfortable dining experiences for their residents, families and staff.

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