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Clinical Briefs for Tuesday, April 7

Surgical masks appropriate for most COVID-19 treatment, finds study … Coronavirus is aerosolized through talking, exhalation … Fiber consumption linked to lower breast cancer risk … African Americans more likely to die from coronavirus illness, early data shows

Clinical Briefs for Monday, March 2

Nursing home is site of first US coronavirus outbreak: 1 dead, 4 hospitalized … Coronavirus has reached long-term care. Prepare, don’t panic … Vegetarian diet linked to lower ischemic stroke risk … Nutrition and body fat tied to anxiety disorders in older adults

Clinical Briefs for Friday, February 28

Kidney transplantation benefits outweigh risks for elderly, study finds … Sugary drinks a sour choice for maintaining normal cholesterol levels … Early onset dementia skyrockets among younger patients … Two most-prescribed type 2 diabetes meds revealed

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