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Harbour’s Edge reinvests to upgrade skilled nursing and rehabilitation segments

Upping the ante

Harbour’s Edge reinvests in property built in the 1980s to upgrade skilled nursing and rehabilitation segments.

A moving experience

A moving experience: Operators are reimagining spaces and designs to maximize possibilities for new therapy and wellness spaces.

Doing more with less is a near constant refrain that long-term and post-acute care providers hear with regard to business operations, reimbursement and even clinical care. It takes on a new, ahem, dimension when it comes time to redesigning and renovating spaces within skilled nursing or senior living. Finding square footage can be challenging. Adding…

Celebrating car culture

Design Decisions: Celebrating car culture

A few years ago, the United Auto Workers eyed the Packard Proving Grounds in Shelby Township, MI, north of Detroit, as the potential site for a community center. Given the property’s history and the rich car culture of the region, it seemed like a place to park it.

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