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Sorting and delivering laundered clothing is only part of a staff's obligations.

Guardians of safety

Laundry and housekeeping personnel are on the front lines when it comes to safeguarding long-term care residents’ health, cleanliness and quality of life.

Tim Mullaney

CPR in nursing homes: The debate turns upside down under

Intrepid Daily Show correspondent John Oliver recently headed Down Under. His assignment: Find out how Australia’s strict gun control measures have played out since being passed in the mid-1990s. It occurred to me that Oliver might be able to repeat this trip in the future, only instead of reporting on Aussie gun control, his subject might be the country’s move away from CPR in nursing homes.

Linda Arters, public and media relations consultant

Managing the media

The death of a California woman not given CPR at her independent living community was a teachable moment. I know you are reviewing the operational end and facility policy. But you also must evaluate your crisis communications plan.

The myth of CPR

The international attention over the incident concerning an independent living facility’s refusal to give CPR, as a matter of policy, has inspired a lot of clutching of pearls regarding long-term care’s medical ethics. There were a few big facts that got left out of the original reporting.

Anthony Cirillo

What would Jack Bauer do?

In the now-infamous case of an independent living facility’s policy on CPR, the simple perception is that a woman was dying and needed CPR. Sound and prudent judgment would have been to perform it, or move out of the way and get someone else to do it.

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