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Clinical briefs for Tuesday, April 20

FDA revokes approval for COVID antibody drug; others remain available … Once-a-week insulin treatment equals daily therapy in diabetes study … Two remedesivir drug combo treatments equally effective, NIH study finds … Bill would expand senior access to community pharmacies, advocates say … Boosters in our future? Drugmakers appear to be planning on it … CDC: Spring flu spike of years past hasn’t happened in 2021

Clinical briefs for Thursday, April 15

Census Bureau’s new tracker follows COVID vaccine rates and hesitancy trends … Exercise may help slow cognitive decline for some with Parkinson’s disease … France says it will continue giving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to seniors … COPD meds delivered early in COVID reduce severity and time to recovery: study

Clinical briefs for Wednesday, April 14

NIH updates monoclonal antibody COVID treatment protocols … Surveyed community pharmacists say vaccine supply is bigger problem than patient reluctance … B.1.1.7 variant more transmissible but does not increase disease severity, two new studies suggest … The U.S. nears universal COVID vaccine eligibility for adults … CDC studies breakthrough COVID infections: The vaccines are protective, but not by 100% … Michigan warned to shut down again due to COVID surge

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