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C. Diff

C. diff linked to food additive

Providers have been put on alert that a specific sugar added to hundreds of foods could fuel outbreaks of Clostridium difficile. Trehalose is a naturally occurring sugar used an additive for taste and shelf-stability, scientists report in the journal Nature. Easily and cheaply extracted from corn starch, it helps feed certain strains of C. diff.…

Elizabeth Newman

Invite in infectious disease docs to LTC

If I’m predisposed to being fond of infectious disease physicians, it’s because I believe they offer insight beyond that of a general practitioner. This is not to say that a long-term care facility’s medical director can’t handle a flu outbreak. But it is acknowledging that long-term care staff handles large caseloads with complex patients, and that more facilities should embrace partnerships with an ID physician.

Elizabeth Newman

Budgeting for hand hygiene

One of my former colleagues, who had moved to the healthcare sector from television, shared with me the story of how she began her new job and was told, “Oh, yeah, you can figure out the budget, right?” Administrators with limited budgeting experience might hesitate to make big investments, but when it comes to hand hygiene, spending a little more today could lead to big savings down the line.

Elizabeth Leis Newman

An easy way to reduce antibiotics

It is tempting to run to my internist and beg for an antibiotic to stem what could be a sinus infection, but is more likely, much like the polar vortex, a cold that won’t go away. I was reminded of the need to hold back by a new study in JAMA Internal Medicine that reminds us that nearly half the antibiotic prescriptions given for respiratory infections are incorrect, as the majority of the diseases in question are viruses.

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