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Lyn Lais

Getting off a health crisis roller coaster

You’ve seen it happen more times than you can count: an older adult checks into the hospital with a serious illness, recovers at a rehabilitation center and is then discharged. A month later, that person is back in the hospital. Too many people end up this way, riding a roller coaster of health crises until their health is severely compromised

Augustana Care announces new partnership

Augustana Care has announced a partnership with Lifesprk to form an Augustana Care Connections pilot program. The program is a free service for people discharged from short-term rehabilitation to have more support. The goal is to reduce hospital readmissions and improve outcomes.

Alex Treitler, organization director for spiritual care at AugustanaCare

Dementia-friendly ways to worship

After chaplain Alex Treitler began leading services for people with dementia, he quickly realized things weren’t going well. He says those with dementia found it hard to engage with the “traditional Lutheran communion service model”— and so Treitler, the organization director for spiritual care at AugustanaCare, went to work.

Kristy Brown

Therapy is more than revenue and service

How do skilled nursing facilities, clinics and hospitals think about therapy? Focusing on patient satisfaction and revenue is a good start, but it is not enough. As therapy continues to be scrutinized by the government and insurance companies, it’s a good idea for administrators, directors of nursing and compliance staff to become more familiar with therapy operations.

Kristy Brown

Changing therapy trends spark launch of new company

It’s no secret health care is changing and that we, as professionals, need to be a part of that change to improve the overall system. Part of this improvement involves helping patients quickly return home after a visit to the hospital, and doing all we can so they do not have to return. Therapy can help with both of these goals.

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