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Alzheimer’s Research

Clinical Briefs for Monday, April 13

More than 2,200 COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes … Lack of data, testing puts residents at risk of coronavirus: provider survey … More evidence found that ultrasound can aid in delivering future Alzheimer’s treatments … FDA approves first generic albuterol inhaler to meet rising demand

Clinical Briefs for Tuesday, January 7

Nursing homes in 11 states may see reduction in transportation rates for portable X-ray suppliers … Many older adults use online reviews to choose doctor – with caution, poll finds … Nonconforming breast cancer treatment in elderly women may not worsen outcomes … Unorthodox Alzheimer’s researcher Robert Moir dies at 58

Clinical Briefs for Friday, October 11

Research sheds new light on how brain forms, recalls memories … FDA approves Dexcom G6 Pro continuous glucose monitor … Acute respiratory viral illness surveillance possible in long-term care: study … Targeting immune cells has potential as Alzheimer’s therapy

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