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Alan G. Rosenbloom

Alan Rosenbloom

New ATRA cut to Medicare Part B Therapy Payments latest destabilizing blow to spector

With $9 billion in Budget Relief Act sequester cuts to the U.S. skilled nursing facility (SNF) sector now just weeks away following the latest cut of at least $600 million in Medicare Part B therapy payments after passage of the American Tax Relief Act of 2012 (ATRA), we are making it a priority this month to ensure Congress carefully reviews the cascade of budget and regulatory changes since 2009 that leaves the nation’s second largest health facility employer facing a staggering $65.6 billion in Medicare funding reductions over the next ten years.

Alan Rosenbloom

Campaign 2012 boosted importance, value of nursing home care in public policy dialogue

Despite the customary complaints about negativity and the avalanche of TV ads, the 2012 campaign was unusually substantive from the standpoint of the entitlement reform discussion because both sides were required to make their best arguments about how we as a nation will protect seniors’ Medicare funding in an era of unprecedented fiscal chaos.

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