Seniors are accepting of robotic assistance, survey shows


Seniors are generally receptive to the idea of caregiving robots, though they prefer assistance from humans for certain tasks, a new survey finds.

Therapy robots a success with recovering stroke victims, research finds


An experimental "socially assistive" robot has been shown to get better results in elderly rehabilitation patients than human therapists, preliminary research finds.

When caregivers aren't human

When caregivers aren't human


If you can speak authoritatively about long-term care robots in social conversation, people tend to snap to attention. I can.

Robot baby comforts nursing home residents

Japanese scientists have invented yet another type of robot aimed at making life a little it easier for senior citizens, this time in the form of a robot baby.

Robotic caregivers make ethical decisions

Aging baby boomers reluctant to wind up in nursing homes can rest a little easier knowing about a new home-care robot. Scientists in Connecticut have successfully created a pill-dispensing robot with the ability to make decisions regarding medication compliance, according to a report from CNN.

Robot caregivers for elderly could debut in three years

Robot helpers for the elderly could be available in as little as three years, recent reports from the University of Illinois at Chicago suggest.

Robots may allow for more quality time with patients, Norwegian nurses say

Norwegian nursing home and home healthcare workers are open to the idea of integrating robots and remote sensors into nursing homes and seniors' homes, according to a recent survey.